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Additional articles and publications available to the public

(NOTE: If your browser asks for a logon when trying to "Open" a file please try again and "Save" the file to your local computer, then open it from there.)

Although well over 50% of the work done at FarmEcon LLC is client confidential, we do also publish work that is available to the public. Links to selected articles, presentations, and papers are found below:

Papers and Studies:

Food Costs are Eating American Family Budgets, January, 2013

Corn Price Supply-Use Ratio and Ethanol, December, 2010 (Elam-Meyer)

Iowa Turkey Federation Presentation, November, 2010

Ethanol Has Made the Traditional Feedgrain Balance Sheet Obsolete, Feedstuffs, November, 2010

Paper on Chicken Industry Competition, May, 2010

Projections of Global Meat Production Through 2050 (Feedstuffs)

Beef Imports Help the U.S. Cattle Industry (Calf News) 4-2005

AAEA Choices article on ethanol policy, 9/2009


Presentations and Presented Papers:


AMI Meat and Poultry Research Conference Presentation, January 31, 2013

NCBA Beef Technology Workshop Presentation 7/24/12

Global Meat Markets - Overview.pdf

Organic Beef and Dairy Paper, Tempe AZ, 2/22/07


Work done (with Dr. Rod Preston) for the Growth Enhancement Technology Information Team:


Beef Technology Paper


Outlook Presentations:


U.S. Turkey Outlook - 2010

U.S. Turkey Outlook - 2011

U.S. Turkey Outlook - 2012

U.S. Turkey Outlook - 2013

U.S. Turkey Outlook - 2014

International Poultry Exposition Presentation, Atlanta, 1/30/09

CPEPC broiler, turkey and egg outlook, Moncton NB, 6/9/09


Ethanol Papers:


Food Costs are Eating American Family Budgets, January, 2013

Ethanol Production: Economic Impact on Meat and Poultry Consumption, Value, and Jobs

Need for RFS reform paper, 2012

Need for RFS reform slides, 2012

Ethanol and gasoline prices, 2009 article

Ethanol and recent corn prices - emerging relationships (Co-author Steve Meyers)

Ethanol Has Made the Traditional Feedgrain Balance Sheet Obsolete, 11-25-2010