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Frequently used research links

There are many great sources of farming information scattered around the world. This list is not intended to be exhaustive, but rather a sampling of some of the more useful sites.


Please report any broken links to


USDA Sites


USDA Home Page -
Mann Library (USDA reports collection) -
Economic Research Service -
   Publications -
   Briefing Rooms -
   Data Sets -
   Subject Area Specialists -
National Agricultural Statistics Service -
   Databases -
   Census of Agriculture -
Foreign Agricultural Service -
   Attaché Reports -
   PS&D Database -
   U.S. Agricultural Exports Database -
   Production, Market and Trade Reports -

   U.S. Export Sales Reports -
   Commodity and Product Reports -
   Subject Area Specialist Database -
Agricultural Marketing Service -
   Livestock and Grains Market News -
   Poultry Market News -
   Dairy Market News -
   Fruits and Vegetables Market News -


FAO Sites


FAO Home Page -
FAO Databases -
Global Census of Agriculture -


National Statistics Sites


Agriculture Canada -
   Markets and Trade -
   Livestock and Meat Data -
   Poultry Data -
   Grains Analysis and Outlook -
EU Agriculture Home Page -


Other Useful Research Sites


U.N. Population Information Network -
World Bank Development Indicators Database
International Food Policy Research Institute -
Agricultural Marketing Resource Center